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A How To Guide: Dinner Party Cheese Platters

Cheese platters

For people hosting upscale dinner parties, it’s all about the food! Instead of the standard sliced cheeses from the ready-made section of the local grocery store deli, sophisticated foodies are opting for high-quality cheeses that are conversation pieces.

There are several questions people should consider before purchasing cheeses for a dinner party.

  • How many people will be attending?
  • Will the cheese course be an appetizer or an after-dinner treat?
  • Are there any particular must-try cheeses or ones that should be avoided?
  • What is the overall budget?

Table Manners for Today’s Modern-Day Guest

Table Manners

The days of formal dinnertime etiquette are gone, but there are some general tips that guests should follow when attending a dinner party. To highlight today’s modern etiquette, Just Charger Plates offers helpful tips for guests.

  • Basic Rules – There are still basic rules that guests should follow, which includes not eating until everyone is served, always asking for someone to pass food instead of impolitely reaching over guests, informing hosts in advance about food allergies, trying everything on the plate to be polite, saying “thank you” and “please” while avoiding speaking with a full mouth and waiting to depart the dinner table until everyone is finished eating. Always compliment hosts, even if the dinner party does mimic a blue soup disaster straight out of “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

Budget-Friendly Dining Décor

Budget friendly decor

With more Americans on tight budgets, 2014 is anticipated to be the year of do-it-yourself décor. With less Americans completing costly home remodels, the latest trend is focusing on defining spaces using inexpensive home furnishings.

Just Charger Plates offers a variety of budget-friendly décor that will help inject modern design into dining room areas.

Stunning DIY Holiday Table Settings

The holidays are nearly in full swing and just around the corner. These helpful do-it-yourself holiday table-setting ideas are sure to wow friends and impress family members.

  • Sparking Pinecones – Spray-painted pinecones adorned with little metallic beads look stunning when paired with nametags.
  • Music – Consider purchasing antique sheet music at a second-hand store. These make striking placemats and pair perfectly with silver charger plates.
  • Rustic Simplicity – By incorporating a wooden square charger plate with a circular white plate, topped with a wooden salad bowl, dinner tables take on a distinct, rustic charm that is sure to impress guests and put them in festive moods.
  • Chic – Chic doesn’t have to be complicated and simple designs make the classiest statements. Consider tucking sprigs of fresh holly into plain simple silver rings, coordinating silver circle charger plates and mini poinsettia centerpieces.
  • Minimalism – Standard white restaurant-style dishes are easily transformed with a single napkin ring and a simple, yet tasteful embellishment.
  • Cottage – Three-tiered centerpieces are the ultimate in cottage style. Lined with silver ornaments, starfish, greenery and strands of jewelry, they immediately add winter charm to any cottage-style setting.
  • Simple – Simple and elegant go hand in hand. Consider decorating a neutral dining space with bird nests and bird branches, dusting a shimmery gold power for a light, candlelit glow.
  • Blue – Silver, black and icy blue pair exceptionally well together.
  • Glamorous – Living rooms can instantly transform into a holiday celebration with white tablecloths, a flat, rectangular mirror that is topped with roses and white berries. Red decorative ribbon that marks place settings looks extremely attractive.
  • Woodsy – Consider bringing the beauty of the winter indoors with nature-inspired centerpieces. Whether it’s incorporating feathers, stuffed white birds, or a striking white, gold and silver color ensemble, guests will surely be impressed by the attention to detail.
  • Red – The best way to incorporate the richness of the season is to place dramatic centerpieces laced with bold red and burgundy on tables and buffets. Surround these bold hues with a large white pillar candles for an intensely beautiful table arrangement.
  • Wonderland – Holidays are all about adding sizzling sparkle. Consider mixing and matching a variety of ivory colors, setting them with just enough sparkle to make them shine.
  • Bounty – If celebrating the bounty of the season, consider incorporating an edible centerpiece that includes limes, apples, fruits, artichokes and even vegetables.
  • Non-Traditional – Red and green may be the most popular color choices for winter events, but Christmas hues can also embrace brown and golden yellow. Consider opting for a wooden brown charger plate to set off this unique arrangement.