Charger Plates, How To

Budget-Friendly Dining Décor

Budget friendly decor

With more Americans on tight budgets, 2014 is anticipated to be the year of do-it-yourself décor. With less Americans completing costly home remodels, the latest trend is focusing on defining spaces using inexpensive home furnishings.

Just Charger Plates offers a variety of budget-friendly décor that will help inject modern design into dining room areas.

  • China Cabinets – These can easily be dressed up by adding colorful touches of bold serving pieces or goblets. To help coordinate colors, consider selecting a single complimentary hue or a pantone of similar hues.
  • Dessert or Charger Plates – These look excellent when paired next to white or ivory china settings. Consider selecting an eclectic pattern for dessert plates and a complimentary design for charger plates.  Charger plates come in a variety of styles, colors, materials and shapes, including classic round charger plates, artistic octagonal charger plates and even modern square charger plates.
  • Wineglasses – Opt for colorful wineglasses that add a bold bright touch of color to traditional crystal designs.
  • Light Fixture – Instead of avoiding the elephant in the room – namely the ugly 1970s gold chandelier – homeowners may opt for a modern replacement. Several big box stores offer affordable chandeliers that are modern, bright and fun. Popular options include hanging light pendants, wood veneer designs and swag chandeliers.
  • Chairs – To immediately add a touch of sophisticated color to dining rooms, consider changing chair fabrics. Reupholstering chair-framed seats is a breeze and the Internet offers endless do-it-yourself video and tutorial references.
  • Fabrics – The best types of fabrics for dining chairs are indoor-outdoor materials. These are crisp, but hold up to stains and jean rivets.  Popular patterns include neutral masculine geometric designs, bright vintage floral, colorful zigzags and classic chevron prints.
  • Table Runners – Tables instantly receive a much-needed face-lift with an updated table runner. For do-it-yourself designers, consider sewing the table runner, which gives the added benefit of being able to select from a wide assortment of materials. Popular designs include classic country that highlights a simple rooster, inkblot designs or contemporary chain link patterns.
  • Candlelight – Candles make any space look upscale and elegant. Hurricane vases are often found in second hand stores, which make them an affordable option for pillar candles.
  • Art – Dressing up the walls doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, affordable artwork can include patterned textiles, decorative plates or even local artwork from art festivals.
  • Paint Color – Rooms are instantly transformed with an updated coat of paint. Instead of opting for classic white, homeowners can consider painting one wall a bright, cozy color that makes the dining area inviting.

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