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Expert Tips: Dinner Party Appetizers

Party Appetizers

With holiday dinner parties just around the corner, this article highlights helpful expert tips for choosing standout, delicious dinner party appetizers.

  • Guests – For hosts that know their guests likes and dislikes, consider serving a variety of appetizers that appeal to select tastes. However, it’s always fun to experiment and throw in a few new appetizers to help expand guests’ food repertoires.
  • Event Details – Tailor the appetizers to the event. Is the event a bunch, luncheon, afternoon tea or a more formal dinner party? The time of day will help hosts determine if they should serve family or buffet styles and cold or hot foods. For example, midday gatherings can offer quiches, tea sandwiches, vegetable spreads and petite desserts. Evening events accommodate both hot and cold appetizers, cheese courses, olives, mixed nuts and small finger foods.

Hosting a Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

Valentine's Day Party

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, nothing is more romantic than throwing a special dinner party for friends, family and loved ones. Whether it’s having a couples’ party or a mixer for singles, Valentine’s Day is a classic gift-giving holiday celebrated worldwide.

Hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner party doesn’t need to be a daunting task. By following this simple checklist, hosts will be on their ways to throwing splendid Friday night Valentine’s Day bashes.

Exclusive Holiday Table Accents

Instead of using traditional ho-hum table accents this holiday season, spice up tablescapes with these unique, one-of-a-kind designs and creations.

  • Nametags – If nametags are important, consider making them into stunning centerpieces. A little cardstock and string can go a long way, but instead of pursuing traditional designs, consider incorporating nametags into the centerpiece designs, such as pinning them to cloth napkins or tying them to a gourd or colorful pomegranate.
  • Chalkboard Tray – A plain metal tray can be dressed with a coat of chalkboard paint. This allows for personal messages to be highlighted or for specific treats to be labeled. This is especially helpful for cheese and meat platters. It’s best to avoid placing food directly on the paint, so consider placing items on small plates. The deep chalkboard color pairs exceptionally well with simple white plates and bowls. This type of tray also works for displaying an assortment of jars, candles or even wineglasses.
  • Layers – To have a multi-dimensional table setting, it’s important to add layers. Whether it’s hanging decorations from ceilings, such as lanterns, lights, banners or garlands, this multi-dimensional approach gives rooms a holiday-filled feeling.
  • Outdoors – For areas with warmer winters, consider dining outdoors. A hay bale can double as a bar area and splashes of warm copper tones look stunning in the fall and winter. By incorporating nature into the theme – adding acorns and cedar cuttings – backyards are transformed into an outdoor holiday paradise.
  • Flower Arrangements – Instead of spending a fortune on a traditional flower arrangement, consider embracing natural arrangements. This can include collecting an assortment of cuttings from the yard, including leaves, grasses and branches. Design tip: try to mimic nature’s own bouquets, as these will likely make the most beautiful arrangements.
  • Recycled Wine Bottles – Doubling as sophisticated, artsy water pitchers, recycled wine bottles can be relabeled using paint and a small brush. For an upscale theme, consider writing the French word for water – bouteille d’eau on the bottle; however, if hosts are looking for a modern theme, consider H2O.
  • Spoons – To give wooden serving spoons an edgy look, consider painting the handles a different color. For a more festive holiday theme, consider adding metallic hues to make a more modern, streamlined design.

By far one of the biggest decorating trends these holidays is black, white and red tablescapes. Whether it’s a classic white charger plate, paired with black dinner plates, white salad plates and punchy red soup bowls, this color scheme looks excellent when paired with a paisley tablecloth, black candleholders and white pillar candles. Top this arrangement off with a bouquet of red sunflowers and soft, creamy white hydrangeas for a tablescape that is sure to garnish attention from guests, if not receive it’s own honorary Facebook mention for its breath-taking first impression.

Just Charger Plates sells a wide array of styles, including round charger plates, square charger plates and octagonal charger plates. They also offer acrylic, metal, glass and rattan charger materials.

Stylish Thanksgiving Dinner Settings

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there are several ways for hosts to embrace the season and throw unique, entertaining and memorable dinner parties.

  • Natural – Embrace the bounty! Pumpkins and gourds make stunning centerpieces, especially when set with autumn pears. Mulberry tablecloths compliment ivory dishes and rattan charger plates highlight a nature-inspired vibe.
  • Personalization – Instead of making placecards, consider using miniature pumpkins as placeholders. Simply tie the stems with twine and make homemade name cards.
  • Floral – Fall is rich with vibrant, warm floral hues. Mini pumpkins, yellow, orange and red flowers, with seasonal red berries make stunning floral centerpieces and look excellent when paired with ice-blue colors.
  • Palettes – Color schemes help define a meal’s theme. Consider including crisp white with warm chocolate browns.
  • Multi-Purpose – Consider using pedestal candleholders to show off an array of decorative mini pumpkins.
  • Simplicity – Embracing simplicity is best, because less is more.
  • Dinnerware – Most people break out the festival holiday dinnerware patterns for Thanksgiving. Popular color choices are khakis and browns, which pair well with gold charger plates.
  • Budget-Friendly – To have the latest tablescape trends without spending a fortune, hosts can shop for marked-down or slightly damaged purchase. Chips can easily be hidden or masked with linens or colorful table décor.
  • Basics – For hosts that have simple white dinner plates, consider dressing them up with attractive burgundy charger plates and color-coordinating cloth napkins.
  • Rustic-Style Elegance – Mixing a variety of textures makes a Thanksgiving tablescape special. Use gold square charger plates, topped with a layer of thin burlap and then coordinating, rich-colored plates.
  • Chic – Traditional and trendy pieces combine to create a unique, modern and chic look. Black and white plates pair excellent with vibrant pops of red and orange.
  • Color – When the weather outside begins to cool, warm up dining areas with contemporary reds and oranges.
  • Decorative – Breaking out seasonal bold china patterns adds an instant touch of charm to any Thanksgiving tablescape.
  • Centerpieces – Consider making a centerpiece a focal point. Using a variety of colorful fall branches and placing them in a tall vase, adds instant table-focused interest.
  • Let It Bow! – Don’t just limit festive décor to the dinner table. Consider dressing up chairs with festive-colored bows and making the home embody the spirit of the season.

Just Charger Plates offers a wide assortment of charger plates, which are perfect for holiday get-togethers. Popular shapes are round charger plates, square charger plate and octagonal charger plates.

Stunning DIY Holiday Table Settings

The holidays are nearly in full swing and just around the corner. These helpful do-it-yourself holiday table-setting ideas are sure to wow friends and impress family members.

  • Sparking Pinecones – Spray-painted pinecones adorned with little metallic beads look stunning when paired with nametags.
  • Music – Consider purchasing antique sheet music at a second-hand store. These make striking placemats and pair perfectly with silver charger plates.
  • Rustic Simplicity – By incorporating a wooden square charger plate with a circular white plate, topped with a wooden salad bowl, dinner tables take on a distinct, rustic charm that is sure to impress guests and put them in festive moods.
  • Chic – Chic doesn’t have to be complicated and simple designs make the classiest statements. Consider tucking sprigs of fresh holly into plain simple silver rings, coordinating silver circle charger plates and mini poinsettia centerpieces.
  • Minimalism – Standard white restaurant-style dishes are easily transformed with a single napkin ring and a simple, yet tasteful embellishment.
  • Cottage – Three-tiered centerpieces are the ultimate in cottage style. Lined with silver ornaments, starfish, greenery and strands of jewelry, they immediately add winter charm to any cottage-style setting.
  • Simple – Simple and elegant go hand in hand. Consider decorating a neutral dining space with bird nests and bird branches, dusting a shimmery gold power for a light, candlelit glow.
  • Blue – Silver, black and icy blue pair exceptionally well together.
  • Glamorous – Living rooms can instantly transform into a holiday celebration with white tablecloths, a flat, rectangular mirror that is topped with roses and white berries. Red decorative ribbon that marks place settings looks extremely attractive.
  • Woodsy – Consider bringing the beauty of the winter indoors with nature-inspired centerpieces. Whether it’s incorporating feathers, stuffed white birds, or a striking white, gold and silver color ensemble, guests will surely be impressed by the attention to detail.
  • Red – The best way to incorporate the richness of the season is to place dramatic centerpieces laced with bold red and burgundy on tables and buffets. Surround these bold hues with a large white pillar candles for an intensely beautiful table arrangement.
  • Wonderland – Holidays are all about adding sizzling sparkle. Consider mixing and matching a variety of ivory colors, setting them with just enough sparkle to make them shine.
  • Bounty – If celebrating the bounty of the season, consider incorporating an edible centerpiece that includes limes, apples, fruits, artichokes and even vegetables.
  • Non-Traditional – Red and green may be the most popular color choices for winter events, but Christmas hues can also embrace brown and golden yellow. Consider opting for a wooden brown charger plate to set off this unique arrangement.