Small Space Solutions: Dining Décor

As more Americans are downsizing into smaller homes, this doesn’t necessarily mean that stylish dinner parties are soon to become a long-forgotten tradition. In fact, there are several ways that smaller homes can be designed and decorated to improve small living spaces and make entertaining more efficient.

  • Bars – Instead of the traditional oversized bar that takes up an entire wall of the dining area, consider opting for a wall-mounted bar. These are sleek and pair well with under the cabinet style lighting. Consider opting for glass cabinets for a modern, contemporary look.
  • Double Duty – Sleek entertainment units are perfect for great room areas that keep kitchen, dining and living rooms open for mingled conversations. Consider selecting a television consul that doubles as a faux fireplace.
  • Expandable Tables – Select a small dining table that can easily be extended to accommodate additional guests. This makes it easy to entertain for large holidays or even host small dinner parties.
  • Chairs – One of the most ingenious designs to appear in homes is the morphing chair. When not in use it can easily be folded to double as a stylish room divider. Comfortable and sleek, guests will never know these stylish chairs pull double duty. Another option that designers are turning to is pop up seats. They fold flat for easy storage under couches or in closets, but easily pop up to form a small table or additional seat.
  • Pet Beds – Instead of having cat beds take up valuable floor space, why not combine cat’s love of high sleeping habits with a wall-mounted pet bed? Sophisticated and sleek, cats everywhere will be purring in posh comfort.
  • Flower Frames – Not the typical floral arrangement, many homeowners are turning to wall-mounted flower frames to serve as artwork and also double as a handy bouquet holder.
  • Lamps – Nearly every homeowner wants to place lamps in the corner, which why the ingenious corner lamp is perfect for these hard to reach angles. Neatly slipping into tight nooks and crannies, this lamp helps brighten small spaces while saving on much-needed space.
  • Convertible Storage – Perfect for people that are looking to maximize smaller spaces, convertible storage systems double as classic buffet tables, but expand to reveal an assortment of trays and shelves that will tickle any organizational fiend’s fancy. This type of storage is perfect for storing formal china and crystal. It can also serve as storage for glass charger plates, which are perfect for dinner parties.
  • Imitation Windows – Just when most people thought they’d heard of everything, this ingenious invention neatly hangs on dark walls and instantly gives the illusion of a well-lit window.
  • Ceramic Wall Units – Doubling as space dividers, these units are contemporary and modern. They are perfect for storing books, china and highlighting small artwork.

Just Charger Plates strives to help homeowners create inviting, warm spaces despite small size restrictions. They offer a variety of contemporary and traditional charger plate designs, including glass charger plates, square charger plates and even mirror charger plates.

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