Old Dutch Versailles Charger Plate 13"

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Old Dutch Versailles Charger Plate 13"
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Elevate the look of your tabletop with the ChargeIt by Jay Versailles Charger Plate 13". Perfect for weddings and special upscale events, this stunning charger plate is designed with a textured surface and a hand embossed pattern along its rim. Boasting an earthy dark brown finish, this charger plate provides a striking backdrop for bright white plates or glazed ceramic dinnerware.

Thanks to its high quality metal construction, this charger plate is exceptionally tough and durable. Combining style, longevity, and functionality, this charger plate not only complements high-end table settings but also protects against spills and mess. To properly care for this charger plate, hand washing in warm water is highly recommended.

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  • Old Dutch
  • Model #:
  • 737
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  • 19 lbs 80 oz
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